About Me

A California “transplant” from the cold Northeast, I have lived in Orange County for over 25 years and know the new and old roads like the back of my hand.

I arrived in Orange County in 1990, via Boston and Pennsylvania, and was quickly thrust into the freeway commuter world of Southern California.  As a market research analyst, I spent several years working closely with a broad array of clients in the banking, automotive, foodservice and healthcare industries throughout the US.  In 1995 I became a co-founder of Options Marketing Research and Consulting, Inc.  and then, after 18 straight years of profitability, I left to pursue passions related to my three children, road cycling and story-telling through videography.

As a market research coordinator, analyst and consultant I gained significant experience in client relations, negotiation and presentation.  And now, as a State of California commissioned Notary Public, I value those years of experience every time I extend my hand to a new client.  Each and every person I meet is an opportunity to help guide them correctly through the process of anything from a simple notarization to a more complex loan signing.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you.  Please call me at your convenience to discuss your next notary and/or loan signing need.